No More Dead Grass In July

Summers don’t always have to come with a brown, dry lawn. With artificial turf you can have the perfect lawn all year round, and here are some reasons why you should consider it: 

Although the initial cost of installing artificial grass can be quite high, it has a lower maintenance cost than real grass. You don’t have to pay for the extra electricity to mow the lawn, and you won’t have to be outside in the blazing heat to do it. You won’t have to pay for water when the average American uses 50,000 gallons of water a week in the summer. It doesn’t require herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers to remain beautiful and bug-free.

It’s cleaner than real grass because it’s non-toxic, you can wash it or even vacuum it, making it safer for your children and pets; Also, it drains quickly and is ready for use again in no time. The wear and tear are cut down by quite a lot considering how durable artificial grass can be. With this type of lawn, you don’t have to worry about your children or pets playing too hard and tearing it up. 

There would be fewer injuries outside. There’s no risk of slipping in the mud, potholes, or uneven surfaces. You won’t have to worry about tracking mud inside on a rainy day or after the sprinklers have come on, twisting an ankle in a hole in the ground, or tripping while running due to a lumpy lawn. Fake grass is non-allergenic so in the springtime, when it becomes allergy season, you won’t need to spend money on allergy medication. 

It’s good for the environment because of how much water you could be conserving if you decide to make this investment. Conserving water reduces the amount of energy required to process and deliver water. That also helps in reducing pollution since it’s requiring less to get the water from where it is treated, to your lawn.

It’s good for the environment because of how much water you could be conserving if you decide to make this investment. Conserving water reduces the amount of energy required to process and deliver water. That also helps in reducing pollution since it’s requiring less to get the water from where it is treated, to your lawn.

Make a great investment with your tax return by installing artificial grass

We all think of what we’re going to spend our tax return on, as well as how we could use it to improve our home. Or if it’s just to fix the things we had to put off until we get our tax return. There are all kinds of different ways we can invest our tax return to improve our homes and make our lives better.

A great investment, as well as a great improvement, would be to install “artificial grass”, this would make your home value increase as well as extended its life. Not only is this a great investment with your tax return, but States like “Arizona, California, and Nevada have active and pending rebate programs available for households that have had artificial turf installed” (Staff, 2009 ). The other States like “Washington and Oregon are restructuring their programs and have a few pending ones that honor tax rebates for synthetic grass (Staff, 2009). So with these rebate programs, you can get money back on these home improvements. Great investment when you can make your home better by improve its life and values and get rebates on doing so. 


You may ask is artificial grass good or bad for the environment? Well, artificial turf grass is very environmentally friendly. You no longer have to cut your grass, as well as you will not have to use chemicals to get rid of the weeds you dislike so much that just won’t stop popping up everywhere. So for those environment lovers, this would be a great way to invest your tax return money. As well as we would be helping ourselves in the long run.


Another way that makes artificial grass a great investment is this will improve your health. What I mean with this is if you or a loved one has allergies due to allergens and/or pollen. With artificial grass turf, you don’t have to worry about packing in allergens or even dealing with grass allergy at your home. This would be an investment that would save you money on having someone come to clean out the allergens, that with artificial grass you wouldn’t have.

Save you Money

Yes, you have to spend money to buy and install artificial grass turf, but once you have it you have a lot of money in the future. With artificial grass you want to have to cut it, so you want to have to buy gas any more to mow the lawn. You will save money on not having to buy weed killer, or fertilize to make your lawn beautiful. Plus, the only time you have to re-due this is about every 20 years. So add it up; how much money would you save in 20 years not having to buy gas to cut your lawn or weed killer, fertilizer or seeds. That would be a lot of money saved and in your pocket.

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Be safe with artificial grass

Owning natural grass can mean a lot of things. You can plant vegetables, fruits, and trees. When your pet does it’s business it will naturally decompose and you don’t have to worry about cleaning it if you don’t want to. And it’s just nice to look at. But there are a lot of downfalls that come with having natural grass too. Like the harmful chemicals that you put into it that can be harmful to your pets and kids, all of the dirt and mud, the bugs and wild animals and rodents that show up because they can dig underneath the surface. Not to mention the large amount of yard work that you have to do to make sure that all of your grass stays fresh, low, and green.

But what if you could have a nice looking lawn without having to put so much work or dangerous chemicals into it? This is where artificial turf comes in and a Turf Company. You can have the yard that you always wanted without having to work so hard to get it and it will turn out a lot safer than natural grass in the end.

The chemicals that you put into your yard might be keeping the wild rodents, bugs, and weeds away. But this is making your lawn extremely unsafe for kids and pets. If you have kids or pets that play in your yard, these chemicals can be harmful and can poison them if they roll around in the grass too soon after putting the chemicals in.

But if you get artificial turf, you don’t have to put any dangerous chemicals in it to make it look nice. You don’t have bugs because there is no dirt, you have no mud because again there is no dirt, if it rains the water will dry quickly so the kids and pets can play outside without coming back in soaking wet, and you no longer have to mow it because it never grows.

If you are interested in having a nice lawn that is safe and requires no maintenance, you should consider looking into artificial grass.

Reasons why Fake Grass is Worth Exploring

For most homeowners and landscapers when it comes to grass, they choose a natural turf grass from a well-known turf company. Sometimes out of habbit or not knowing that there are other options on the market that provides astonishing benefits that far outceeds natural grass and that option is fake grass. Yes fake grass and here are some reasons why fake grass is worth exploring.

First, fake grass provides a safer options for your family and pets because it lacks the pesticides and chemicals that keeps the natural turf green and eliminate weed. This is important when almost half of these pesticides cause cancer or cause birth effects. With fake grass, this is not a concern.

Secondly, during the spring and summer season, many homeowners spend their weekend mowing their grass or doing other lawn care maintenance. With artifical grass, the maintenance is less which means more time you can spend with your family relaxing or doing a hobby.

Thirdly cost, water expenses have increase rapidly the last year or two and watering the lawn for some homeowners an incredible high expense that you may want to reduce. Having fake grass, you will find a dramatic decrease in your water bill because you do not have to water.

Fourth, having a turf lawn requires edging and mowing, which expel fumes into our fragile environment causing environmental concerns. It not only affects our environment, its impact on the user and anyone around may result in health issues, especially those with asthmatic and allergy condition. People with these conditions may have difficulty breathing and other health related issues resulting in time off from work or a trip to the doctor. Using artificial turf, maintenance is minimal, and it does not require the rigid care of regular turf, means less worry about the environment and your family health. 

Final consideration, the grass looks good when most grasses such as Bermuda and Centipede turn yellow and dry, artificial grass looks lush and green. With todays technological advancement in the artifical grass industry, many of these enhancement now allow the articial turf to look as good as the natural grass and better in some cases.

As you can see, there are many positive reasons to use artifical grass on your lawn or for your clients.

Eliminate Pesticides by Using Artificial Turf

Let’s face it, a real grass lawn can be a pain in the neck during the warmer months. If you live in a climate where it is relatively warm all the time, then you deal with issues throughout the entire year. Not only do you have to mow, cut, trim, weed and rake up lawn clippings, leaves or debris, but most people actually find they have to treat their yard with harmful chemicals that are found in all pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.

These chemicals are used by homeowners to combat problems with the lawn. They are used to kill weeds, kill insects and to combat mold or other real grass lawn issues. However, it is a well known fact, that as far back as the 1980s, these types of chemicals have been harmful and continue to be harmful to humans. They can be blamed for minor injuries like irritation to the eyes and nose, but in recent years the public has been made aware that these chemicals are known to cause major medical conditions like cancer in children and adults. They are also known to cause developmental issues in children and neurological damage to adults and kids. They can wreak havoc on your endocrine system and they can even poison the family dog as well.

This happens because the chemicals you put onto your lawn, plants or trees stay there. When a child plays on the lawn, they can get it on their skin. They could also breathe the chemicals in. Chemicals can also enter the body through contaminated groundwater. Pets can become ill from it as well when they get it on their paws or fur and then lick themselves. Additionally, these chemicals are washed into the groundwater when it rains or doing a snow melt. Although the water is typically cleaned before reaching your home, it won’t remove 100 percent of the chemicals. Artificial turf installation is the alternative. Since it has very little to no dirt and does not retain water, there is no need for these harmful chemicals to be used to control weeds, insects or issues like mold. Artificial grass is totally environmentally friendly and is even made from recycled materials and is recyclable itself. Not only will the artificial grass eliminate the risk to your family’s health, but it will also reduce the time and effort you need to spend to keep your lawn looking beautiful.