Eliminate Pesticides by Using Artificial Turf

Let’s face it, a real grass lawn can be a pain in the neck during the warmer months. If you live in a climate where it is relatively warm all the time, then you deal with issues throughout the entire year. Not only do you have to mow, cut, trim, weed and rake up lawn clippings, leaves or debris, but most people actually find they have to treat their yard with harmful chemicals that are found in all pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.

These chemicals are used by homeowners to combat problems with the lawn. They are used to kill weeds, kill insects and to combat mold or other real grass lawn issues. However, it is a well known fact, that as far back as the 1980s, these types of chemicals have been harmful and continue to be harmful to humans. They can be blamed for minor injuries like irritation to the eyes and nose, but in recent years the public has been made aware that these chemicals are known to cause major medical conditions like cancer in children and adults. They are also known to cause developmental issues in children and neurological damage to adults and kids. They can wreak havoc on your endocrine system and they can even poison the family dog as well.

This happens because the chemicals you put onto your lawn, plants or trees stay there. When a child plays on the lawn, they can get it on their skin. They could also breathe the chemicals in. Chemicals can also enter the body through contaminated groundwater. Pets can become ill from it as well when they get it on their paws or fur and then lick themselves. Additionally, these chemicals are washed into the groundwater when it rains or doing a snow melt. Although the water is typically cleaned before reaching your home, it won’t remove 100 percent of the chemicals. Artificial turf installation is the alternative. Since it has very little to no dirt and does not retain water, there is no need for these harmful chemicals to be used to control weeds, insects or issues like mold. Artificial grass is totally environmentally friendly and is even made from recycled materials and is recyclable itself. Not only will the artificial grass eliminate the risk to your family’s health, but it will also reduce the time and effort you need to spend to keep your lawn looking beautiful.

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