Reasons why Fake Grass is Worth Exploring

For most homeowners and landscapers when it comes to grass, they choose a natural turf grass from a well-known turf company. Sometimes out of habbit or not knowing that there are other options on the market that provides astonishing benefits that far outceeds natural grass and that option is fake grass. Yes fake grass and here are some reasons why fake grass is worth exploring.

First, fake grass provides a safer options for your family and pets because it lacks the pesticides and chemicals that keeps the natural turf green and eliminate weed. This is important when almost half of these pesticides cause cancer or cause birth effects. With fake grass, this is not a concern.

Secondly, during the spring and summer season, many homeowners spend their weekend mowing their grass or doing other lawn care maintenance. With artifical grass, the maintenance is less which means more time you can spend with your family relaxing or doing a hobby.

Thirdly cost, water expenses have increase rapidly the last year or two and watering the lawn for some homeowners an incredible high expense that you may want to reduce. Having fake grass, you will find a dramatic decrease in your water bill because you do not have to water.

Fourth, having a turf lawn requires edging and mowing, which expel fumes into our fragile environment causing environmental concerns. It not only affects our environment, its impact on the user and anyone around may result in health issues, especially those with asthmatic and allergy condition. People with these conditions may have difficulty breathing and other health related issues resulting in time off from work or a trip to the doctor. Using artificial turf, maintenance is minimal, and it does not require the rigid care of regular turf, means less worry about the environment and your family health. 

Final consideration, the grass looks good when most grasses such as Bermuda and Centipede turn yellow and dry, artificial grass looks lush and green. With todays technological advancement in the artifical grass industry, many of these enhancement now allow the articial turf to look as good as the natural grass and better in some cases.

As you can see, there are many positive reasons to use artifical grass on your lawn or for your clients.

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